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Legionella test
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Legionella test
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There are some 54 identified species of Legionella bacteria. The LDB (Legionnaires’ disease Bacteria) species most commonly associated with disease is Legionella pneumophila. There are some 15 “serogroups” within this species, (which identifies the type of antigens). Serogroup 1 is most often involved in disease, and serogroups 4 and 6 are secondary.
The Legionella organism can be found almost everywhere. This includes natural reservoirs and water sources, potable water systems, drinking fountains, decorative fountains, soils, cooling tower systems, etc.
Legionnaires’ disease is a pneumonia-like disease which, if it is not detected and treated immediately, can become fatal in particularly susceptible persons. It is difficult to predict the contraction of disease, but it is known that persons who have compromised immune systems or respiratory systems, heavy smokers, elderly and even children are more susceptible than the normal population. It is not generally considered communicable, nor is it likely to be contracted through drinking the water. Rather, it is contracted by
Inhalation or aspiration of contaminated water droplets into the lungs. The incubation
Range is 2-10 days. In most situations, Legionnaires’ disease, (or related diseases such as Pontiac Fever), is
Not contracted unless the following conditions are met in combination;
•   Presence of sufficient specific Legionella bacteria types in a water source
•   There is no data to confirm the necessary level for infection, since it differs widely from patient to patient
•   Aerosolization or misting of this water source
•   Inhalation of such aerosols or mists into the lungs
•   Aspiration of such waters into the lungs
•   Some degree of susceptibility of the individual

It is thought that less than 5% of those exposed to the water contaminated with the bacteria will develop the disease. Pontiac Fever, a lesser version of Legionnaires Disease, affects as many as 90% of those exposed, with a 1-3 day incubation rate.
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