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  Monday, June 17, 2024 01:00 PM GMT
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Metal working fluids
Corrosion Preventatives
Cutting and Grinding Fluids
Metal Forming Fluids
Metal Cleaning Fluids
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Metal working fluids

We have advantage Program is designed to help you optimize your processes through education and training. This is done through a three-step approach of Identifying Your Needs, Implementing Solutions, and Providing Support.

The first step in creating a Metalworking Advantage Program for you is to identify your needs through an analysis of your operations. We will survey of your plant to learn how you operate, and how you would like to improve. AWT will also discuss your key business issues to determine what you want from a supplier. Whether you are an automotive parts manufacturer or make golf club heads, AWT needs to learn about your business to help you.

The next step in your Metalworking Advantage Program is to Implement Solutions. Based on your survey results, we can design a program for you. Our programs typically revolve around metalworking fluids, but AWT also provides cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, plant maintenance products, wastewater treatment programs, and housekeeping and sanitation programs. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of various types of products and equipment that can be used to provide the best solutions available to you.

The final step is to Provide Support. This is the most important part of your Metalworking Advantage Program, and is always evolving. Simply having the right products and equipment is not enough to ensure maximum efficiency. It is essential to continually train, support, and monitors the solutions we implement. AWT uses tools such as chemical and color-coded chemical handling charts to ensure your employees will maintain a safe working environment. We also offer metalworking fluid control charts that are used to track your coolant pH levels. These results are charted over time to guaranty that you receive the best results from the products you use. AWT also stresses process improvements that lead to savings opportunities. Working with your employees to save time, money and waste are critical factors to an effective workplace. Education and training are key components to a successful Metalworking Advantage Program that will result in a safer and more productive workplace for you.

We offers to supply advanced product technologies covering a wide range of metalworking applications including: cutting and grinding fluids, metal cleaning fluids, corrosion preventatives, and metal forming fluids. In addition to high quality manufacturing, AWT provides complete technical, sales, and laboratory support for all our metalworking fluids. The following is a summary of the Metalworking Product.

Corrosion Preventatives Metal Forming Fluids
•   Water based corrosion inhibitors
•   Solvent based corrosion inhibitors
•   Oil based corrosion inhibitors
•   Cold heading oils
•   Drawing compounds
•   Stamping fluids
•   Vanishing oils
Cutting and Grinding Fluids Metal Cleaning Fluids
•   Soluble oils
•   Semi-synthetics
•   Synthetics
•   Mass finishing
•   Soak tank cleaners
•   Spray wash cleaners
•   Steam cleaners and pressure washing

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