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Cooling Tower Chemicals
Corrosion & Scale Prevention
Microbiological Control
Chlorine Alternatives
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Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling tower systems, these recirculating water systems are designed to recycle and reuse water, thereby minimizing the consumption of a valuable resource and saving the costs of purchasing and servicing water.

The problems with recycling and reusing industrial cooling water are well known. Microbial fouling, mineral scaling, corrosion of metals, pluggage of tower fill and a variety of heat exchanger fouling conditions frequently occur in cooling water systems. Unless all of these parameters are monitored and controlled properly, the benefits of recycling tower water will be lost.
American water technique provides expert service personnel, automated control and monitoring systems, and state of the art technology for all sizes and types of cooling water systems. ORP based bleach/bromine feed systems; chlorine dioxide systems and a variety of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors are available from AWT.

Chemical treatment specifications

•   Advanced Program for deposit control.
•   Dispersants and antifoulants for high hardness and high silicon waters
•   We can supply oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides
•   Organic, inorganic, and nonphosphate corrosion inhibitors
•   Digital and analogue control/monitoring systems
•   Pilot cooling tower treatment studies
•   Automated halogen blending systems
•   State-of-the-art closed system inhibitors
•   Enhanced electronic monitoring and control capabilities.

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