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Field services analysis
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Chemicals Company

American Water Technique is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the Chemical Industry. Our programs encompass the entire spectrum of industry applications, such as influent clarification, cooling water, boiler water, wastewater, process additives, water reuse programs, and specialty systems such as calcium chloride and glycol processes.

Many of our larger customers' chemical plants benefit from on-site American Water Technique offices providing fulltime dedicated services and technical support. With the most experienced field service and technical representatives in the industry, American Water Technique is able to deliver optimum results, even in the most demanding chemical process systems

Metals & Automotive

American Water Technique is a significant supplier to the automotive industry. We are a supplier to all manufacturers, as well as a substantial number of parts manufacturers. These customers cover all aspects of the automotive manufacturing process - assembly, engine, transmission, chassis, stamping, etc. American Water Technique brings expertise applications specific to the automotive industry including:
•   Weld water systems
•   High heat flux cooling systems
•   Injection molding
•   Wastewater treatment
•   Paint decalcification
•   Standard cooling water and boiler systems

The increasingly competitive automotive industry requires that suppliers find new and innovative ways to reduce expenditures and operating costs. With the most experienced field sales force in the industry, American Water Technique able in helping our customers find creative ways to achieve these goals, such as water reuse, reduction of water consumption and discharge, improved waste treatment, and minimization of fuel and electrical costs.

Hospitals, Commercial & Institutional Buildings

The commercial and institutional sector is a diverse segment of the water treatment market consisting of single buildings, real estate complexes, and large campuses. Whether an office building, data center, health care facility, or college campus, the water treatment needs of the commercial and institutional sector are unique and critical.
American Water Technique is qualified to evaluate system conditions, recommend improvements, and deliver unparallel results for your critical equipment. For every one million square feet of space,

We have continued to be at the forefront in developing products and services to enhance operator efficiency and reliability. 
American Water Technique patented Quadrasperse products are unmatched in the competitive marketplace.
Our unique chemistry has enabled facilities to reduce water consumption and remove accumulated deposition in fouled systems. These improvements have delivered bottom-line profits for our clients.
American Water Technique is the supplier of choice to the largest office buildings, critical care medical facilities, data centers,

Our Working in partnership with owners, property management firms, and facilities operation personnel, 
American Water Technique representatives continue to deliver unparallel profit enhancement in the commercial and institutional markets.

Our Water treatment programs within the steel and aluminum industries are integral to the successful production of quality products. The water treatment program must incorporate a complete understanding of the mechanical operation


Today's packaged food industry environment is markedly different than it was years ago. There are four major areas where the changes have been dramatic and are creating special needs within this unique marketplace.

A Competitive Marketplace with Shrinking Profit Margins. With the growing popularity of the mega stores increasing bulk purchasing contracts, a downward force is being exerted on packaged foods profit margins. This is forcing plants to put more emphasis on production volume and to strive to decrease operating costs.
American Water Technique’s approach is based on a partnership contract with client plants. It has enabled us to help reduce production costs in areas previously thought to be outside of the water treatment domain, such as successful processing of less expensive cans, solving line speed increases and sterilizer maintenance issues.
Increasing Plant Regulatory Responsibility. With new government regulatory approaches, such as HACCP, plant management is choosing to undertake stricter measures to document compliance with new mandates. 
American Water Technique has worked hard to keep abreast of both higher standards by corporate management as well as government agency changes. This helps client plants (especially smaller companies who lack the budget for large regulatory affairs staffs) to avoid expensive audit failures.

Increased Consumer Quality Sensitivity. Today's consumer, motivated by the extremely litigious environment that we live in, is much more sensitive to container appearances. Blemishes rust and flaws are now serious concerns for producers. 
American Water Technique has led the water treatment field in the development of programs to maximize container appearance in any plant.
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